Pamplin Multicultural Diversity Council
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What is Pamplin Multicultural Diversity Council?

Our Mission

The mission shall be to provide opportunities and foster the environment of inclusion to the students of the Pamplin College of Business. It is imperative that diversity is celebrated and that it brings people of many backgrounds together. Our commitment lies in bringing out not only the unique qualities but also the full potential of our peers. It is an urgent matter to strive for awareness of the value of diversity in our local community and push for a global reach. The council will spearhead the diversity initiative at Virginia Tech.

Our Logo

The logo was designed to be an abstract reflection of three individuals, reaching out to each other. It's a top view of three heads (the circles) all with one hand reaching out to connect to another (the straight lines). It was done in Virginia Tech colors to emphasize that although all of us are diverse in background, we are all connected in being a Hokie. These aspects are central to the ideas of the Pamplin Multicultural Diversity Council; we value the diversity of individuals and welcome them as part of our team.

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Meet the Team

Chantal Ampah


Elizabeth Coo

Abroad Consultant

Mussa Seid

Committee Relations

Rebecca Toro


Miguel Rillo

Technology Director

Tyson Smith

VP of Marketing

Mark Catangui

Case Competition Chair

Rhoda Azeze

Case Competition Chair

Jasmine Tesfa

Corporate Relations VP

Rhyssa Hizon

Logistics Chair

Leo O'Gilvie

Logistics Chair

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