Active Members

Name Position Major and (Minor) Year
Deloris Nimako-Mensah Co-President Management EIT and Marketing Senior
Zack Shiner Co-President Wood Sci & Forest Products Senior
Basile Nkeng VP Corporate Relations Accounting and Information Systems and Business Information Technology Junior
Jon Reiland VP of Facilities Business Information Technology Junior
Zack White VP of Marketing Finance Senior
Adam Brookhart Treasurer Business Information Technology Senior
Brittany Riffe Secretary Accounting and Finance Sophomore
Matthew Via PMDC Member Accounting and Information Systems Junior
Kelsey Capparelli PMDC Member Marketing and Human Resource Management (Business Leadership) Junior
Samantha Roberts PMDC Member Accounting Information Systems and Finance Sophomore
Shreya Ramanathan PMDC Member Accounting and Finance Sophomore
Ashlan Jones PMDC Member Business Information Technology Junior
Elsa Daku PMDC Member Finance Senior
Lauren Yasi PMDC Member Accounting and Information Systems Junior
An Truong PMDC Member Business Information Technology Junior
Robert Sekator PMDC Member BIT-Operations & Supply Chain Management Senior
Alvaro Macedo Webmaster BIT-Decisions Support Systems (Actuary Science) Junior

Mission Statement


  • We, as PMDC believe diversity encompasses discovering what makes us all unique.

  • Race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, physical ability, sexual orientation, family status, and culture are just a few aspects of diversity.

  • It is through these differences that we can better understand each other.

  • It is through this understanding that we grow to fully appreciate and accept each other